20 Questions with my WCW @Kara_bo_BEER_a


Okay, I know it’s not Wednesday but I was excited to start this page. I loved meeting, interviewing and supporting other Craft Beer Ladies!

Meet Kara from Canada, a woman after my own hoppy heart. She followed her craft beer dreams and opened her own bottle shop Thumbprint Craft Beer Market in Jan 2017. This is not just any bottle shop. It is the FIRST shop in Western Canada dedicated to craft beer! If you don’t already follow her you probably should @kara_bo_BEER_a

1 Where are you from?
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2 What beer can we find in your fridge right now? 

3 What is your favorite local beer?

4 How long have you been loving the craft brews?
5 years

5 How did you get into craft beer? 
In 2011 I went to a wine tasting after having my daughter. Since I hadn’t drank for over a year I drank way too much, like white girl wasted! A glass of wine still turns my stomach 7 years later! My hubby recalls me craving beer throughout my pregnancy as well.

6 What is your favorite style of beer?
IPA’s, sours & Pilsners

7 What are your top 3 favorite beers?

8 What beer are you dying to try?
Anything from Other Half, I haven’t tried anything from them yet 😦

9 What place have you been to that has the best beer scene?
Anaheim, California

10 What is your favorite brewery to visit?
Storm in Vancouver BC

11 I’m a sucker for a cute can. What beer do you think has the best bottle/ can art?
Driftwood (Victoria, BC) however Brouwerij West has recently stole my heart; specifically Alligator

12 What new brewery are you most excited about?
Annex Ales in Calgary

13 What’s the most shameful beer you drank back in the day?
Big Bear  (I was 16 though!)

14 Have you ever tried to home brew?
Not yet, but someday soon!

15 Where is your favorite place to drink a beer?
At home watching hockey (totally Canadian)

16 How do you prefer to drink beer- keg, cask, can or bottle?
Tall boys for the win!

17 Besides beer what’s another favorite beverage?
A true Canadian Caesar or a Moscow Mule

(What’s a Canadian Caesar? I asked the same thing…in case you’re curious find the recipe here)

18 Any recommendations to read or listen to for craft beer lovers?  (book, magazines, blog, podcast)
Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher
The Complete Beer Course by Joshua Bernstein

19 How has social media helped you share your love of craft beer? Any cool perks?
It has connected me with amazing trading partners and sparked passionate convos about great beer! I opened my own bottle shop called Thumbprint Craft Beer Market in Jan 2017(1st dedicated craft beer shop in Western Canada #facts) and received lots of support from my beer buddies.

20 Where can we follow you? 
Instagram; Kara_bo_BEER_a
Untappd: Kara_bo_BEERa

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