20 Questions with my WCW @womensbeercollective

Yay! it’s actually Wednesday. This week I got to interview Kristine, a triple threat Craft Beer Chick from San Diego, California! She works at a brewery (Culture Brewing), blogs and is a successful craft beer influencer with over 11k Instagram followers. Check out the interview below.


1 Where are you from?
Currently I live in Carlsbad California just 30 minutes up the coast from San Diego, but very much in the heart of the beer culture here in North San Diego County.


2 What beer can we find in your fridge right now? 
I just finished up writing a blog on my go-to beer. The one that I couldn’t imagine life without…and it was Aurora Hoppyalis!  This has been a local Karl Strauss favorite of mine for awhile now. A beer that is always just a solid American IPA and never disappoints.


3 What is your favorite local beer?

Session Amarillo IPA by Culture Brewing Co.  I have worked for Culture for 4 1/2 years now and absolutely adore this beer!  I’m drinking it while working, bringing it home in my growler, and even have it on tap at my house when we have it in rotation.

4 How long have you been loving the craft brews?
Around 7 years ago I started to notice the term “craft beer” …I don’t even want to think about what I used to drink!


5 How did you get into craft beer? 

Around that time, with time to kill in Escondido. I wandered into Stone Brewing and ended up leaving with my first glass growler. Filled with Arrogant Bastard go figure…you could say I jumped right in!


6 What is your favorite style of beer?
I am definitely an IPA girl, but super excited when I find a Session IPA that satisfies and tastes full bodied. This way I can drink several!


7 What are your top 3 favorite beers?
My favorite beers are constantly changing, but I can tell you the styles I’ve been solidly in love with for awhile now?!  IPA’s, Sour Farmhouse Ales (the more earthy funk and barnyard the better) and a fruited Gose…any with apricot always catch my eye.


8 What beer are you dying to try?

Jester King from Austin Texas has a Funk Metal Series, and one style is a Sour Barrel-Aged Stout at 8.2% refermented with cherries. I’d sure love to get my hands on this one some day!

9 What place have you been to that has the best beer scene?
San Diego. I might be biased though


10 What is your favorite brewery to visit?

I always love visiting my friends at Booze Brothers Brewing in Vista. I’ve seen their growth from day one, and respect their hard work, creativity and loyalty to the beer community.


11 I’m a sucker for a cute can. What beer do you think has the best bottle/ can art?

Not being one for bright colors and confusion I’ve always loved Booze Brothers look. They have had Ben Horton on design now for awhile, and you can see the continuity in each release over the years.


12 What new brewery are you most excited about?

Northern Pine in Oceanside opened recently and is 5 minutes from my house. They make outstanding beer, and have joined up with my favorite local BBQ joint, That Boy Good!  Win Win!


13 What’s the most shameful beer you drank back in the day?

Oh I had a feeling you would ask this question at some point!  Gosh…I did drink my fare share of Coronas, but I also liked a sweet lemon drink called Hooch. Not sure what the heck it even was, Malt Liquor perhaps?!  I hear it is making a comeback!


14 Have you ever tried to home brew?

Yes I have home brewed before, but in the end I’ve decided that it is easier to bring amazing beer home from work than drink the iffy beer I’ve brewed!


15 Where is your favorite place to drink a beer?

Easy, the beach!  It’s the best way to relax.


16 How do you prefer to drink beer- keg, cask, can or bottle?

Not a fan of beer on cask because I’m a stickler for full carbonation. That being said, I use my 64oz stainless double-insulated growler for everything!  Fill it at work, fill it from my keg at home or even pour a few cans in there. Keeps it all perfectly cold!


17 Besides beer what’s another favorite beverage?

Kombucha. Brewing a little at home right now!


18 Any recommendations to read or listen to for craft beer lovers?  (book, magazines, blog, podcast)

The best way to learn about craft beer is to drink all the beer in all the places! But seriously, exposure to as many styles as possible. Also, follow all the breweries on Instagram because they love to talk about beer and brewing when asked.

19 How has social media helped you share your love of craft beer? Any cool perks?

Sure!  I always love when a brewery invites me for a visit! When there are almost 160 in San Diego sometimes I need a little direction!

20 Where can we follow you? 

Instagram: @womensbeercollective
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/womenscraftbeercollective/
Blog: www.womenscraftbeercollective.com
Shop: https://www.womenscraftbeercollective.com/store/
Twitter:  @Womenscraftbeer




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