20 Questions with my WCW @Alesforfemales

Meet @AlesforFemales creator Victoria. She is new-ish to the craft beer community but  has jumped right in with both feet! After finding a growler from a local brewery left behind while moving into her new home, she began exploring the local craft beer scene. As fate would have it, she now works for the brewery and is studying for her Cicerone certification. Read about her local favorite beers below.



1 Where are you from?
Born and raised in Houston, TX currently living in Nashville, Indiana working for a brewery!

2 What beers can we find in your fridge right now? 


3 What is your favorite local beer?

This is a very hard question. My favorite would have to be QUAFF ON! Brewing Company’s Pineapple IPA!  It is amazing. My second favorite would be ZwanzigZ Pizzeria & Brewing Beauregard’s Blueberry

4 How long have you been loving the craft brews?
It all started 3 years ago when I moved to Indiana.

5 How did you get into craft beer? 

When I moved from Texas to Indiana I bought my first house. The lady who had previously owned the home worked for a local brewery. That being said she left a growler behind from Quaff ON! I had no idea what it was so I took it to the brewery and was offered a tasting.  I am now working here, getting my Cicerone certification and writing about beer. I started out drinking Bud Light and now I drink ONLY craft beer!

6 What is your favorite style of beer?
Stouts or sours takes the cake for me!

7 What are your top 3 favorite beers?

8 What beer are you dying to try?

450 North Brewing – Fruity Nuggets and Juicy Nuggets

9 What place have you been to that has the best beer scene?
Columbus, Indiana #drinklocal 🙂

10 What is your favorite brewery to visit?

Karbach Brewing Company in Houston Texas

11 I’m a sucker for a cute can. What beer do you think has the best bottle/ can art?

3 Floyds has amazing artwork!
(Check out this gem of a label of Space Station Middle Finger from @foodnerdjen)


12 What new brewery are you most excited about?

My local brewery of course- Quaff ON!  

13 What’s the most shameful beer you drank back in the day?

Bud Light

14 Have you ever tried to home brew?

No but I plan to start trying soon! 

15 Where is your favorite place to drink a beer?

Hard Truth Hills in Nashville, IN

16 How do you prefer to drink beer- keg, cask, can or bottle?


17 Besides beer what’s another favorite beverage?

Water 🙂

18 Any recommendations to read or listen to for craft beer lovers?  (book, magazines, blog, podcast)

Tasting Beer, 2nd Edition: An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Greatest Drink by Randy Mosher

19 How has social media helped you share your love of craft beer? Any cool perks?

I have made so many awesome connections with people all over. We trade beer and swag. The craft beer community is awesome!

20 Where can we follow you? 

Instagram: @Alesforfemales
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ales-For-Females
Untappd: Alesforfemales


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